La Cura Podcast

“Healing By Choice! joins La Cura from Detroit, Michigan and they bring all the wisdom and nourishment you didn’t know you needed.  Adela Nieves Martinez, Marcia Lee and Amanda Hill, all members and healing arts practitioners share their story and their spiritual perspective on this moment, their take on collective care and what this pandemicContinue reading “La Cura Podcast”

reflections on octavia butler’s earthseed: the books of the living

One of two poems included in the zine reflections on octavia butler’s earthseed: the books of the living. Gathered by adrienne maree brown in 2015.  I closed my eyes and handed over my heart.  The sun beating on my shoulders as they washed my feet.  White blanket below me, transfixed by grandfather drum, grandmother sound. Continue reading “reflections on octavia butler’s earthseed: the books of the living”

Decolonizing for Organizers

Released February 2020. A collaborative manual created by a group of Black, Brown, and Indigenous artists, farmers, educators and healers. It began as a curriculum to build Black and Brown Solidarity, exploring ways to Decolonize Organizing and our Culture as a society, while growing our relationships to our bodies, to our beings, and the earth.

Samples of Where I’ve Been: SPEAK!

Opening piece on the SPEAK! CD. SPEAK! is the first self-named album from the Women of Color led media collective, SPEAK! Why do you speak? Do you speak to record your history, generations of your people invisible and erased? Centuries caught in your throat and you’re the first to come out of hiding. I speakContinue reading “Samples of Where I’ve Been: SPEAK!”